YouVAS: Empowering
POS Machines to Offer More

YouVAS: Empowering POS Machines to Offer More Connect with Us


Pocket Tool For
Agents Across Industries

Agents are deployed people or businesses that act as an extension office of companies and government institutions. Adopting an agency network is the best option for your business: To extend office or operations in remote areas and to extend customer service more economically.

Banks & Financial Institutions

Rather than opening a branch in a remote area, banks can reach new customers and offer their services through an agent equipped with YouVAS.


Whether it is taxes, utility bills, or fines, government departments can employ agents to offer more payment methods to citizens within their locality.


No internet no problem. Allow people to pay their due on WiFi, mobile recharge with omnichannel payments using a card or mobile

Payment Service Providers (PSPs)

PSPs act as the middlemen that collect payments from citizens for companies, banks, and state-owned entities.

Empower Businesses To Diversify Revenue Sources

Adding value-added soft services gives businesses an extra boost in profit. Integrating YouVAS creates a lot of difference for any business or agent. Retail shops or restaurants can simply acquire YouVAS to be a local agent of institutions.

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