Exploring Modern Store Management Systems

It’s time for you to get an upgrade to the modern store of your dreams without feeling technology overwhelmed.

What does a modern digital store mean? Is it a store where there’s no human intervention needed? Or, it is so smart that you don’t need to hire a staff anymore. Don’t worry, we are not going that far. YouCloud will only offer a system that will help store owners ease daily operations not something too techy or fancy.

In this blog, let’s explore the functions that you can avail yourself of when you introduce YouShop to small to medium retail owners. Also, if you run a restaurant, there’s a YouShop counterpart for a restaurant business too called YouResto.

Allow Remote Payments via Payment Link

Paying via card allowed us to flexibly pay wherever we are. So, YouShop decided to take card payment to the next level. Usually, customers just pay using credit or debit cards on online checkouts – websites, marketplaces, or mobile apps – for remote transactions.

We all trust card transactions so YouShop utilized this payment method for SME physical shops as well. How? Even though the shop is not running its own e-commerce site or not listed on any marketplace, it can offer remote credit card payments via link.

For example, parents no longer need to entrust cash to children when they send them off on an errand at the market. With this feature, adults can pay for the grocery transaction once everything has been scanned at the check-out counter. As a result, cashiers would just send a payment link to the parents – easy remote credit card payment.

Offer Credit and Split Payments

Within some small-knited communities in some parts of the world, small mom-and-pop shops still exist as go-to stores. Usually, these stores still practice credit listing for loyal customers. As such, YouShop considered this cultural practice in remote provinces and counties in its feature – but, in a modern way.

YouShop is providing digital credit listing with an in-built notification system every cycle. Depending on the date agreed upon, the YouShop system would remind and notify the store owner when it’s time to bill a credit registered customer.

In conclusion, introducing modern systems in small businesses would not seem like a necessary evil. As it would cater to including credit listing with more such as split payment. YouShop technology allows tracking of various payments. Say a customer pays with cash, a card, and the rest is credit. For YouShop, this is not a problem at all!

Store Management in Real-time

Retail business information in real-time is the real game-changer! We have the internet to bridge us to the information we need. Moreover, with all the connectivity available these days, generating reports in real time should not be something very hard to do. 

Business analytics is always available for business owners when they use YouShop. No matter how many branches as long as all are using YouShop, the business owner can monitor and see every store’s business activity. 

What type of information can one view on the YouShop dashboard? Well from a number of orders served, gauge the staff’s productivity during the shift, and of course view profit and loss numbers in real-time.

No Internet, No Problem!

YouShop is a cloud-based software which can be accessed via WiFi. This means the platform can be accessed using various hardware and POS machines. Furthermore, support would then be given for certain preferences to keep the hybrid software or just stay in the tab.

Then, old mom and pop’s store may worry: “What if we lose WiFi internet connection? How can our POS machine run?” Well, YouShop can work hybrid. This means YouShop can work as a built-in software or an application while having a cloud-based version accessible via the internet. In conclusion, to get the best of both worlds, businesses can opt for the hybrid setup for flexibility.

There are tons of things YouShop, a modern payment technology can do. But it all depends on one’s business goals and preferences. For that to be better communicated, we suggest you reach out to our sales team