Managing a retail business is not a walk in the park. And, that very fact inspired the best retail management software today. More than a Point-of-Sale (POS) system, retail management softwares allow business owners to tailor fit the system to their day-to-day operations.

Technology makes life convenient and easier. With that said, there is no doubt that retail management software exists to support retailers. But, how specifically, does a Retail Management Software helps retail business? We’ll discuss all these along with one of the rising retail management software today called YouShop by YouCloud. 

YouCloud is a fintech technology distributor that focuses on offering innovative business management solutions: YouShop, a retail management system and YouResto, a restaurant management system. Both can be rebranded and configured as per demand. Hence, if you’re an entrepreneur who’s ready to offer these ready-made retail solutions to your community, get in touch with YouCloud sales team.

Retail Management Software Benefits

  • Save Retailers and Customers’ Time

One of the most valuable resources of any business is time. With a retail management system in place, businesses get to speed up processes and checkouts. Not only does the system help the store owners, but they also serve customers and respect them with their time.

For example, inventory tracking every morning would be time-consuming without the help of a retail management tool. If a customer comes in and asks for specific product availability, with a system, storekeepers can easily check the data of the in-store stocks.

Not to mention, that the time of service greatly impacts the customer experience. The time it takes to process an inquiry or an order tells a lot about your business and its service. Elevate the total customer experience by allowing them to pass the checkout counter fast.

  • Offer More Payment Options

In every retail business, closing a sale is the main goal. But, with all the customer service and storage room and in-store management, it could be challenging to keep track of transactions efficiently. Now, here is where retail management systems come in handy. 

As abovementioned, a retail management system is more than just a POS system that allows businesses to take other forms of payments aside from cash like credit or mobile wallet payments. Similarly, YouShop is an all-in-one retail management solution clubbed with a wide range of payment capabilities.

When you use YouShop, you get to accept omnichannel payments. This means business owners enable their store to accept cash, card, wallet payment, or even payment links sent through instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp. Basically, YouShop has a wide range of payment features.  

  • Savour the Convenience of Accurate Inventory Tracking

If payment transactions are not an obstacle, inventory management or stock keeping most probably will be any retailer’s challenge. Without the help of technology, pen and paper tracking or excel sheet-based management can still produce inadequacies. Also, human errors are inevitable.

Fortunately, many retail management systems offer an in-built inventory management module. Similarly, YouCloud includes inventory management as part of its overall retail management service offering.

As a cloud-based platform, YouShop’s inventory system is highly accessible. It is accessible not only on the POS machine at the checkout counter but, also online via PCs and tablets. What is more, YouShop has offline and online modes, enabling business owners to use the system without the need to be connected to the internet.

  • Monitor and Manage Employees 

As a business grows so is the work to do. Talking about how difficult it is to manage more people, a great retail management system will save the cost of more human resources. Let technology streamline processes. Leverage a reliable system and keep the overhead costs in check.

Keeping an eye on daily operations gets as the business scales. A retail management system offers the owner full surveillance of operations. Specifically, through the staff management module, business owners can see staff operation. 

For instance, the staff management module on YouShop records staff’s check-in and check-out time and along with this all the transactions as per their shifts are recorded. Therefore, in case of any event that needs investigation and accountability, data can easily be tracked on the retail system.

  • Grow and Expand Your Business Digitally

Here is where the innovation kicks in. YouShop retail management system is one of the few solutions that allow business owners to open a digital branch easily. YouShop is made with scalability in mind. This means YouShop has the tools ready when businesses want to tap the e-commerce path.

Unbelievably, it’s possible to sync all in-store inventory data with the online shop!  As a result, stocks being sold online and in the boutique are all recorded in one system. With this feature, retailers can refrain from sticky situations –  all the painful messages and refund request – that occurs when unavailable items are purchased online.

More importantly, YouShop covers the full management of both. Firstly, YouShop comes in sync with all the features needed to fully run a brick-and-mortar business. On the other hand,  YouShop e-commerce features deals with all including delivery and other retail social media tools.

For more information about YouShop, get in touch with our sales team at YouCloud.