Expand to E-commerce with a Unified Inventory Management

Any forward-thinking retailer with a physical store will see going digital as an opportunity. But did you ever imagine how easy it would be to open a digital store if owners could sync the inventory of their online and physical stores on one platform! Fortunately, with the YouShop inventory management system, it’s now possible.

We heard enough of online marketplaces and their success. We know that there’s a market of consumers who prefer the convenience that online shopping brings. But, going digital can be a challenge for small-scale entrepreneurs for various reasons.

Small to medium businesses (SMBs) can make money from selling via online marketplaces, but the online marketplaces would take a percentage of every sale. Hence, it is recommended that they go for their own online portal where they could keep a higher proportion of the revenue. 

Also, in a perfect world, the best option is to open an e-commerce website without the need to build your own. And that is option is not anymore in the far-fetch future. YouCloud introduces YouShop, the ultimate retailer platform with a built-in e-commerce marketplace!

What is YouShop?

YouShop is a complete retail management system made to simplify daily retail business operations. It offers innovative and helpful tools that allow small to medium business owners to save time and cost while scaling their business.

YouShop is the main retail management software of the YouCloud fintech products. It comes with various features including payment acceptance, inventory management, profit and loss tracking, staff management, and all other basic things a business owner will need to run their business smoothly. What is more, YouShop offers the Social Shop and a connected e-commerce marketplace.

However, YouShop is not in every market and exists as a solution sold by our in-country partners. We are only distributing this solution through our in-country partners. To be clear, YouCloud is a fintech solution provider that offers YouShop and all its other products to businesses wanting to enter the payments market with a next-generation product. If you have any more questions about our established supply chain please contact sales.

YouShop: Inventory Management Made Easy

Having a digital store can seem like having a whole new branch and the location is online. What makes YouShop special is the ability for SMBs to easily create and manage their digital business — that is once they decide to.

When YouShop registered retail stores are ready to advance to digital, YouShop’s inventory management system will give the business owners the jumpstart they need all while saving their profits. There are various ways in which users can benefit from the system. In this blog, we enumerated them all.

Track inventory on one inventory dashboard

Having multiple software to open and deal with day-to-day basis can be too much for SMBs. In fact, it can complicate daily tracking and stock management. Plus, it is not manageable for less techy individuals.

Despite the efforts of systematized stock-keeping, real-time updates will be challenging without introducing retail software. Technology can better assist store owners to manage and streamline their day-to-day inventory Also, with YouShop, store owners can manage a single stockpile for both their online and offline stores.

Manage inventory better and don’t miss orders

We all don’t like to see SMBs missing out on a sale due to product unavailability. The worst case is when the product actually is available, and the inventory is just not updated. With YouShop’s all-in-one inventory, missing orders is no more.

Say someone orders the last item online and in-store on the same day. Without a single automated inventory system, the customer who checked out online will have to be refunded. And this scenario can ruin the customer experience and a business’s reputation in the long run.

The answer is a single inventory system to handle both online and offline orders. Imagine the convenience of being able to manage a single stockpile for different selling channels. Plus, businesses can easily monitor what’s in stock and soon out of stock.

Know where you sold the items more – online and offline

YouShop is a hybrid system able to cater to retailers both digitally and physically. With that said, business owners can enjoy the convenience of monitoring not only inventory but also sales and profit in one dashboard.

Insights are powerful and helpful in decision making. Within YouShop, shop owners can allocate more items either online or in-store, depending on sale performance. Additionally, YouShop can also assist businesses in inventory management for different branches.

See your profit and loss in one window

We’ve mentioned inventory, sales, and now for the most important number to track – profit and loss (P&L). Bookkeeping is any retailer’s system requirement. And YouShop helps in tracking digital payment transactions and cash inflow.

Moreover, business owners will need to generate reports and see the numbers. From the number of transactions, and the number of stocks, to profits and expenses, all of these are manageable with the YouShop retail system.For more information about YouShop, get in touch with our sales team at YouCloud.