Credit issuing and management digitized

At YouCloud, we believe striving businesses deserve the opportunity to boost their growth. In this regard, we have tailored-made a solution that makes it convenient for merchants to offer credit wallet in just a few clicks of a button. At the same time, suppliers can extend credit facilities to merchants within the Youcloud ecosystem.


Extend credit facility to loyal customers

Listing credits has long been practised in local small grocery stores. Offering credit helps selected customers in a close-knitted neighbourhood. It also encourages customer loyalty at the same time. YouCloud digitalizes the process and even helps the business owner to set reminders for the payback date.


Point of Sale That Matches
Every Business Type

Needs vary from business to business. Hence, YouCloud provides a wide range of POS
solutions for different business types. We have kept small and medium businesses in mind
when building the application from the ground up.

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Reduce cash usage

Contactless payment

P2P transfer, no extra fee

Increase loyalty


We would love to hear from you, be our next partner. Why Partner with Us?

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